Brother Jacob Marineni and his family found Jesus in 1978. Jacob was 8 years old dying from sickness. Parents were hopeless and doctors could not help. On the way back from the hospital, Christian preachers prayed for him so that the Lord Jesus Christ Miraculously raised him point of death and saved him and his parents. Jacob and his family faithfully followed Jesus and served faithfully under a local preacher. In the year 1991, Jacob completed Thelological Education and lead by the Lord to the full time ministry. Jacob responded God's calling with simple obidence and willing to go to Mission field by two feet and a Bible.

1992, he was married and blessed by the Lord with 3 children. Later in 1994 on 4th of March, Jacob and a team of dedicated people with sincere prayes found a organization called Gospel For Tribals Social Service Society (GTSSS).



Bishop Jacob's Family


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