I) Church Planting by Native Missionaries:  
  1) Training Native Missionaries  
  2) Supporting Native Missionaries  
  3) Providing Bicycles & Motor Bikes, Hand Mikes and needful Tools  
  4) Building Churches and Village Mission Projects  

The harvest truly is great, but the labourers are few. Luke 10:2

In 1991, Brother Jacob came to backward tribal region with a passion for the salvation of the people. He walked hundreds of miles from village to village preaching the Gospel.  After six months, he started his first church under a mango tree with three people, in a backward village called Duginepalli. He and his family faced terrible persecution and challenges in the beginning of the Gospel work. From that humble beginning until today over 1400 churches, plus branches, have been formed. Currently, he is working from South and North India up to the Nepal border, which can only be described as the most difficult area of the country.  The ministry of GTSSS is impacting thousands of villages, Colonies and towns. .
  Native Missionaries:  

Three reasons for Native Missionaries:


(a)  They know the language and the culture of their people group.
(b)  They know the standard of living with their own people.
(c)  It is more economical to support them.

In November 1995, Brother Jacob and his team started his first Native Missionaries Training Program under a mango tree with 15 new believers.  Each was hungry and had a passion to learn the Word of God and to take the Gospel to his own people. The training program lasted two months.  At the end of the training program, the Holy Spirit of God had changed their lives.   All had a burden and a burning fire in their hearts.  Each one fasted and prayed for three days to learn where God wanted them to go. They chose to leave everything behind, and to go to the mission field.  They knew that they must take brand new witness of Christ to their people groups, where such witness was yet unknown. In the beginning, they faced tremendous persecution, suffering, and starvation.  None of these things discouraged them, because they loved the Lord Jesus. Today, those brothers have become pioneers on the mission field. Since November 1995, GTSSS has been training, equipping, sending native missionaries, and planting churches. So far, 1448 students have been trained, of which 1006 are working fulltime on the mission field.
  How do they survive when they first go to the mission field?
When these newly graduated students enter the mission field, they are met with extreme poverty and hardship.  They are often in an area where the Gospel has never been preached.  At the onset, it is very difficult for a young missionary answering the call to pastoral ministry. Most likely, they are unable to support themselves.  When they go to a new area, there is no church, and no Christian presence. They must be willing to leave their homes, brothers and sisters, caste, career,  and future.  They are even willing to suffer persecution, because they believe that the Great Commission is their top priority. Before they leave to enter the mission field, each missionary must make a prayer of commitment saying, “Lord, I am willing to die for the sake of Gospel, if the time comes.”
  How can we help these native missionaries?  
  By prayer:  Kindly pray for a missionary family.  
By financial support: Prayer support and Financial support is needed for the Local Missionaries those who are working in the poorer areas and developing New Churches. However here is some information how much it would cost to help a Missionary family per month $80 to $100 (£50 to £60 /€60 to €100). However any small support also helpful for the missionaries needs.
By building a village church Project:  We can build an adequate village church Building, Pastor's two rooms House, toilet and Bath room, and a water well for approximately $16500 /£12500/ €14000. (Note: This cost does not include the place)
Bicycles & Motor Bikes: Bicycles and motor bikes are great blessings and an encouragement to native missionaries.  They are great tools in helping them spread the Gospel. Bicycles and bikes are like family cars for them. Cost of a bicycle $100 /£55 /€80; cost of a motor bike $1000 /£754 /€900

Hand Mikes/Megha Phones: Hand Mikes /Megha Phones are urgently needed for the Native Missionaries and Evangelists. They are great tools for the village Evangelism. At the moment we need 500 Hand Mikes/ Megha Phones for the Native Missionaires. $120/£90/ €100

Hand Mike Group Photo





Our Village Churches:GTSSS is a fast growing young Christian ministry in India. Most of our church branches are just paved mud huts. Every Sunday morning, people walk from five to ten miles before they reach the nearest branch. There are very few places that we have been able to build a church with brick walls and missionary quarters.  Our goal is  to build a church in every village, as God provides the resources.

Mud Hut Church
Brick Walls Church
  GTSSS Village Mission Church project:  

We have prayerfully designed the following village Mission Project which includes four things:


(1) Church Building
(2) Two-Room Quarters for Missionary Family
(3) Bathroom with toilet 
(4) Jesus Water Well

Plan and Picture of the Project

These four components make up what we refer to as our “Village Mission Project.” Through the years, the Lord has used our friends, some churches, and various groups of people to help us complete our village projects.  When we build a “Jesus Water Well” and provide a clean supply of drinking water, we are building a bridge of relationship.  In some cases, the funds are not provided to complete the entire village project.  In such a case, the top priority is the church building - a place where believers can come together to worship the Lord safely. We complete our village mission projects as the Lord allows sponsors. Local believers also assist in the construction.

To build a village church, pastor's quarters, Jesus well and toilets: $16500 /£12500 /€14000.

  Bicycles & Motor Bikes:  

When they go into the mission field, most of the full time missionaries have no recourse other than to walk from village to village to preach the Gospel.  Sometimes it takes almost an entire day of walking before they reach a sub-road, from where they can get on a bus.  If we can help provide a bicycle to a missionary family, that will be such a great help in speeding up the work of our Master Jesus. A bicycle is like family car for these missionaries.

Motor Bikes presented to Missionary families. Still many Missionary families praying and waiting for Motor Bikes.
Gospel Vans & Auto Mobiles:
Our Missionary leaders those who are working with teams in different reigions in need of Gospel Vans/Auto Mobiles to Administer the work and to promote the work. At the moment we are in need of 20 Gopel Vans/Auto Mobiles with TATA Company each would cost $9000 /£6000 /€7500, With Suzuki $5800 /£4400 /€5000.
Gospel vans
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