As responsibilities in the organization increase daily, it takes an enormous amount of resources to operate. We have not received any support from the government for any activities of the organization.
GTSSS is totally run by contributions given by Generous people. Therefore it is important to establish self sufficient project in India which would creat work and resources for the ministry to become self sufficient. Some of the Ideas for these projects are,.....  


Rice Fields: Per day we need about 2200 Kilos of rice to meet the needs of our activities.  If we are able to purchase rice fields we can feed our children and those that we minister to, and provide work.
Poultry Farms: Everyone needs food. Chicken and Eggs are daily requirements. Setting up some poultry farms would create work for people, help provide sufficient eggs for our orphans, and also create income to support the work.
Any other Opportunities: My friends, if you are aware of other opportunities, we would welcome your advice.
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