Highlights of the Grace Handicapped Home:

Highlights of the Grace Handicapped Home:


We are very glad to report that some of our Grace Handicapped Children in the Grace Home have received very good ranks in their education.   The sky is the limit for their future.  We are pleased to report that  some of our handicapped boys and girls are  eligible, and are currently enrolled in higher education such as Computer Science, Engineering, B-Pharmacy, Nursing, Teacher Training, etc...  This type of future would not have been possible for them if they had not grown up in the Grace Handicapped home.




Number of children Present 

Number of children below the High School

Number of Studying Engineering

Number of Studying B-Pharmacy

Number of Completed his Teacher's Training program

Number of students eligible for Nursing training program

: 23

: 18

: 2

: 1

: 1

: 1


Once upon a time, these children were left behind as crippled beggars.  No one wanted them and no one counted them as human beings of worth and value.  They had terrible lives because of the way that they were treated.  They were beaten and hated by their own families, because they were physically handicapped. When they came to Grace Handicapped Home, they found acceptance and  love.  They are cared for and given encouragement. At the same time, all of their physical and spiritual needs are met.

  Overcoming Disability through GTSSS Grace Home:  
  Handicapped Boy Gunde Naresh - Story:  

Gunde was born in Schedule Caste. When he was a child, his father died.  His mother was suffering from tuberculosis. Since mother was suffering from sickness, she abandoned him in the village. He was forced to go from home to home begging for rice for his daily survival.

One day, the village people told Gunde about Grace Physical Handicapped Home.  The village leader took him to the Handicapped Home. Our staff accepted him into the home with great joy in the year 2006. Since that time, we have met all of his needs and provided him with a quality education. He received a very good ranking in the 10th class as well as in Intermediate. Then he appeared for EMCET examination and qualified for Computer Science Engineering.

Currently, he is studying in his 2nd Year engineering program at Dr. Paul Raj Engineering College, Bhadrachalam. We are helping him pay for his education by providing his food and other expenses. He says that he wants to become an engineer to help many more handicapped children like him. He says, “I could not be in this place without GTSSS Grace home.” He is very thankful that he had an opportunity because of the work of GTSSS.

Gunde Naresh

Handicapped Boy Sode Jayaraju - Story:


Sode was born in a tribal family, in a remote village in Pinapaka Mandal of Khammam District. He had no possibility of attending high school in the village where he was born. His family discouraged him by saying that he could  not study because there was no possibility to send him to a school. Someone told him that Grace Physical Handicapped Home was accepting such children. Sode seized the opportunity.

When he arrived to Grace Home, he was accepted into home with love and affection. That changed his life and encouraged him. Then, he joined in the Grace Mission School and finished up to 10th year and then Intermediate. In the EMCET, he received a very high rank and was accepted into Engineering College for Computer Science Course.

He joined the Engineering College with great joy and confidence. He says that he never dreamed that one day a jungle village boy could become a Computer Science Engineering student. He says Grace Handicapped home enabled him to overcome his disability and to reach his goal.
Sode Jayaraju
Handicapped Boy Boda Raju - Story:  
Boda Raju
Boda was born in a poor Schedule Caste family. He joined the Grace Home in 2006. He studied in the Grace Mission School, and finished Intermediate level with a good ranking.   Boda Raju is eligible for B-Pharmacy studies to become a pharmacist. He says at one time he felt there was no meaning for his life and he thought he could not do anything with his life. But now he says he has purpose, a hope, and a vision for his life - to serve others.

Handicapped Boy Bhasker - Story:

Bhasker was born in a poor tribal family in the village called Suraram of Julurupadu Mandal of Khammam District. He joined the Grace Handicapped Home in 2005. He had an opportunity to study in the Grace Mission School and received a quality education. He then studied Intermediate and Bachelors Degree in Manuguru by staying in the Grace Handicapped Home. Grace Handicapped Home helped him to take care of all his needs, including educational needs. Now he has completed his B.A., and is ready to go to Teachers Training so that he can become a teacher.


Handicapped Girl Susheela - Story:

Susheela was born in a poor family. As a handicapped girl, she faced much discouragement from her family and friends. She thought she was not good for anything. But one day, she was told about Grace Handicapped Home. Her family took her to Grace Handicapped Children’s Home where she was graciously received in 2006. She studied in the Grace Mission School and finished her Vocational Training Program in the Grace Vocational College. She is doing her apprenticeship in Mamatha Hospital Khammam to become a nurse.  Now she says, “I have hope for my life.”  She is very happy about her life, and wants to serve humanity.  

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