Since ours is a well known mission society, daily, we have aged visitors coming with tears,  explaining their situation, and requesting assistance.  They ask us to give them bowls of rice, glasses of water, and a small place for them to stay with us.  We quickly realized that there was a great need to establish a home for destitute aged people.


We are happy in the Aged Home. Will you please send piece of  bread?

By the Grace of the Lord, in the outskirts of the famous city called Bhadrachalam, we had one acre of land to put up a home for destitute aged people. With the contributions of dear friends, we built a home for the aged people. Grace Aged Home was dedicated on December 7, 2004 in the presence of high ranking government  officials and the ITDA Project Officer of Bhadrachalam. On the first day, 21 people joined this home. Currently, we are taking care of 24 elderly men and women. When they come to Grace Home, we take care of all their needs and also share good news of Jesus Christ. We have no financial support from the government to run this home, but thank God for kind hearted people who help with timely gifts which allow us to carry on this responsibility.

How can you help?

Please pray that the Lord may help us to take care of these aged people. This home is purely run by generous contributions given by dear friends, but we do not have any permanent resources for this project.

What would be the monthly expenditure?

We are expecting low maintenance costs, but we need basics such as food, medicine, electric bills to be paid, and three people voluntarily working for honorarium.  We could maintain this home with its present number of 24 people at a cost of $1200/£737/€1000 per month.  We included the electrical bill and honorariums within this price.
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