Helping people at the time of Floods  
  Helping people at the time of Fire  
  Helping people at the time of Earthquakes  
  Helping people at the time of Tsunami  

Very often we listen and see villages burned down. We also see many victims of floods, earthquakes, and droughts which sweep out massive people and leave many behind with to starve

  How can you Help?  
GTSSS mission is standing with these people at the time of such natural calamities and helping the people with food, clothes, cooking vessels, medicine and etc. Our dear ones in the UK sent containers filled with clothes and first aid boxes which helped us to distribute to orphans, lepers, and especially to the victimized people on different occasions.  We have distributed tons of rice to fire and flood victims.


We also raised contributions from local resources and gave Rs. 20,600 to the district collector on January 19, 2005.  At the same time we sent a team to the tsunami victimized area to help the people with clothes and food.  We are always here to receive any type of contribution from anywhere in the world, and to stand with victimized people immediately after a calamity happens.
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