Jesus water wells project started in the year 2001, to provide backward tribal villages with fresh and clean drinking water in the Name of Jesus Christ. So far, we have made over 1200 Jesus water wells, still hundreds of villages waiting for Jesus water wells. There are about 1 million villages in India, from which 70% of the people lives in the villages. Most of the villages people suffering due to lack of clean water lot of scarecity of water in summer time.

People are so happy & carrying fresh water to their homes from our tube wells.
Need: After seeing such a great need in the villages, GTSSS came  forward to provide villages with safe and fresh drinking water by drilling tube wells. When we drill a water well, it supplies fresh and clean water for 50 to 100 families and their animals too.

How are these water wells determined?

A team of people from our organization travels to the villages and surveys for the most need. Then, according to available resources, they drill water wells, fix hand pump, and place concrete around the well. At the same time, a plaque is placed beside the well with the donor’s name and a Bible quotation. On the day we open the well, we share with the people how much we love them and how much Jesus loves them.
  People call these wells as “Jesus Water wells.”  

To make a water well: Cost $1000 / £750 /€900.

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