Jacob Marineni the founder of the Organization was raised in a farming family. His faithful parents raised him and his sister in the life of prayer and hard work. Jacob’s parents also lived a life of example to their children and to others. Jacob’s mother prayed for many years that one day her children would become to a blessing to poor and needy people. 

As response to his mother’s prayers and fasting, Jacob responded to God’s calling and went to Theological Seminary and completed by the April 1991. Started new work from nothing without knowing future. But one thing Jacob practiced prayer and working hard with full of love and passion for people. Later in February 1997, Jacob completed B.D at Emmanuel Theological Seminary in India. 

Jacob and a team of people got together with a Vision of establishing an Organization to get legal status for the future work. As a result GTSSS was born on 5th March 1994.  Started from humble beginning, but after 25 years of tireless effort and hard work with team spirit, today the organization is impacting thousands of lives in many area such as Health care, Education, Spiritual care and so on.., Provided work for about 500 people and feeding about 6500 children and so on..,  

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